2023 Advantech Industrial IoT World Partner Conference, Co-creating a New Era of AIoT

    Advantech, a global leader in Industrial IoT, hosted the Industrial IoT World Partner Conference with the theme “Partnering for the Next AIoT” and launched a two-day series of forums and a new product showcase. Based on its recent sector-driven strategy, the conference emphasizes two core product development directions: Industrial Edge Computing for AIoT Acceleration and Industrial Automation Devices & Solutions. It also focuses on four vertical market applications: Smart Factory, Smart Equipment, Green Energy, and Intelligent Transportation. Additionally, the conference highlights two major technology applications: Accelerated Computing and Video, as well as Software-Defined Network & OT Security.

    Linda Tsai, President of Industrial IoT Group of Advantech stated, “Advantech is fortunate to be in the AIoT era. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we seek to co-create with partners in ‘AIoT + Edge Computing’ to explore new business opportunities, building upon our respected reputation as a leading brand in the IPC industry.”

    Linda emphasized that Advantech recognizes the significant trends within the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) field, such as Industrial AI, Secured Edge, Edge as Services, and AIoT Digital Solutions. She stated, “We are firmly committed to sustainability and ESG principles. As a result, we are actively developing sustainable solutions that address the AIoT megatrends. Our primary objective is to enable our customers to harness the power of these trends to enhance their operations and meet the unique needs of various industries. Our solutions are meticulously designed to tackle sector-specific challenges.”

    The main forum of this conference particularly emphasized co-creation and sustainability. Dr. Deepu Talla, Vice President and General Manager of NVIDIA Embedded and Edge Computing, was invited to share his thoughts about, “Digitalizing the World’s Largest Industries with Edge AI and Robotics.” Cathy Yeh, Principal Group PM Manager at Industry Solution Engineering, Microsoft, also shared her observations about, “Accelerating Innovation with AI and the Industrial Metaverse.”

    In addition, the forum focuses on the four major vertical market applications: Smart Factory, Smart Equipment, Green Energy, and Intelligent Transportation. Furthermore, the conference highlights two major technology applications: Accelerated Computing and Video, and Software-Defined Network & OT Security. A series of industry forums based on these topics were launched to share business strategies and cutting-edge technologies among world partners.

    IIoT for AIoT

    The 2023 Advantech Industrial IoT World Partner Conference is not only a platform to showcase Advantech’s latest developments and strategies in the field of industrial IoT but also a valuable opportunity to bring together industry experts from all over the world to discuss future industry development trends and market opportunities. Advantech will actively lead industrial IoT innovation, continue to provide customers with more value, and vigorously promote the development of a new generation of AIoT.

    This conference includes not only the main forum and industry-focused forums but also pays special attention to technology trend forums such as Edge AI, Secured Edge, Edge as a Service, and the industrial IoT cloud platform WISE IoT Digital Solution. In addition, a series of brand-new products will be highlighted, and additional activities, such as cultural events, will also be provided.

    This conference is expected to attract more than 600 Advantech customers and partners from 60 countries around the world. It also coincides with Advantech’s 40th anniversary and the completion of its AIoT Co-Creation Campus. Advantech hopes to take this opportunity to explore and grasp the latest AIoT trends and business opportunities with its partners, all while adhering to the principle of sustainable development to realize Advantech’s vision of Enabling an Intelligent Planet.

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