ABB signs agreement with Samsung C&T to expand smart building capabilities

    Samsung C&T’s property management system integrates with ABB home automation, to extend smart connectivity from whole properties down to individual units

    Samsung C&T and ABB enter agreement to expand smart building

    To improve the livability and energy efficiency of large residential, commercial and multi-dwelling residential buildings, ABB Smart Buildings and Samsung C&T Corporation Engineering & Construction Group (‘Samsung C&T’) has entered a new global agreement to jointly deliver integrated, holistic building automation, reliable energy distribution, and energy management solutions.

    This follows a separate global agreement signed with Samsung Electronics in April 2022 to drive holistic residential smart building technology through the integration of ABB-free@home and Samsung SmartThings.

    The deal signals an intention to integrate holistic building solutions, such as Samsung C&T’s Homeniq smart home platform, the ABB-free@home system and the ABB i-bus KNX that can significantly widen potential home and building services under one property management tool.

    Able to choose between the Homeniq app, the ABB-free@home app and ABB wall panels, this will allow building residents to control all Samsung C&T and ABB smart home devices from a single user interface. Intended to meet the increasing customer demand for integrated, easy-to-use, and flexible products and solutions, the partnership is a further milestone in enabling greater energy management, lower energy costs and improved quality of life.

    The new ability to manage and monitor all energy grid systems within properties is also expected to lower connection charges by reducing power peaks and accelerating return on investment from photovoltaic (PV) equipment.

    Welcoming the new partnership, Lucy Han, Head of Global Product Group Building and Home Automation Solutions at ABB Electrification’s Smart Buildings Division, said, “This exciting new agreement with Samsung C&T is another important step forward in expanding our portfolio of seamless and comprehensive smart building technology and services and reflects our ongoing commitment to collaborating with partners to address global energy efficiency challenges.

    “Our commitment to open technologies and industry interoperability standards is ongoing and today’s announcement extends our portfolio for commercial and large residential developments to the property management level.”

    Hyejung Helen Cho, Head of Life Solution Department at Samsung C&T adds, “Construction companies, property developers and operators will also benefit from the convenience of a combined, one-stop-shop offering of Samsung C&T’s devices and ABB’s Smart Home control devices. The scope of the Samsung C&T platform demonstrates ongoing opportunities for developers to further upgrade the level of technology over time.”

    Buildings are responsible for 40 percent of energy consumption and for 30 percent of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but fast-evolving technologies promise to deliver significant reductions to these levels. The new agreement with Samsung C&T will lead to further combined innovation initiatives, with a partnership on a newly enhanced property management platform a focus. Following an initial proof of concept developed earlier this year in Korea, further joint pilot projects are currently being identified in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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