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We try to provide the services to satisfy our customers through the establishment of network of various people for information about the domestic industry

[Introduction Main business]

1. Research Division

We provide research reports through self survey-potter or implementation of the project such as various and different market, technology trend, demand party awareness survey, competitor tracking, dealer satisfaction survey. These are for supporting the exact strategy of affiliated companies in the process of technology development of domestic industry..

2. Publishing Division

– Publishing in book form: We propagate new technologies to the domestic industry through publishing books on industrial technologies.

– Design Agency: We supply services about making a design and printing on product’s manuals, brochures for related companies

3. Convention Division

– Exhibition: We make active efforts to spread home and abroad industrial technologies through industrial exhibition planning

– Seminar, Symposium: We supply systematic, effective functions with our professional convention plans

– Online Seminar: We support the newest home and abroad industrial technologies through online seminars and prepare a variety of channels with organic exchanging information between seminar participants.

– Interior projects : We support luxury, noble events actively through executing for interior design and installing

4. Media Division

https://icnweb.kr : Industrial IoT and Digital twin information and technology magazine. We supply information of industrial IoT, Industrial Ethernet, semiconductor, automation and market research reports.

https://powerelectronics.co.kr : Power Electronics Magazine KOREA. We supply information of power electronics, energy saving technologies and market research reports.

https://logisticstechnology.kr : Logistics Technology Magazine KOREA for Material Handling and Logistics technology NEWS and market insight reports.

https://smarttoday.co.kr : Smart Today is technology internet news media for smart Home, City, Factory, Automotive, Medical, Economy.

We wish you lots of attention, active participation and kinds of project consultation

[ Information of ICN]

ADDRESS: 41(2F),Yeonseoro 5Da-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, 03787, KOREA

Biz Web : www.icnweb.co.kr

ICN Industrial IoT mag : www.icnweb.kr

Power Electronics mag : www.powerelectronics.co.kr

Logistics Technology mag : www.logisticstechnology.kr

Smart Today news : www.smarttoday.co.kr

Contact | Seungmo Timothy Oh, Editor-in-Chief

e-mail: oseam@icnweb.co.kr

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ohtimo

아이씨엔 플러스친구


아이씨엔 매거진은 산업용사물인터넷(IIoT) 및 디지털화(Digitalization), 디지털전환(Digital Transformation) 애널리틱스를 제공하는 IT 네트워크 기반의 산업 기술 매거진입니다.

산업용사물인터넷(IIoT)와 가상물리시스템(CPS)을 통해 디지털화를 추구함으로써 제조 산업 및 플랜트를 제조활동 전반에 걸친 스마트제조를 구현하고자 합니다.

아이씨엔 매거진은 이러한 디지털화를 구축함으로써 새로운 비즈니스 전략을 도출하는 디지털전환을 위한 관련 리서치 및 애널리틱스를 제공합니다.



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