ABB’s Emax2 is the first air circuit breaker with an integrated IEC61850 communication module that enables data exchange with electrical automation systems as well as with intelligent network devices without any additional external equipment.

integrated IEC61850 communication module
integrated IEC61850 communication module

Giampiero Frisio, Managing Director of ABB’s Breakers and Switches business, said: “With its communication module using GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Event) as mechanism of transferring event data, Emax2 ensures brand independent interoperability within the substation network thus providing specified transmission speed and reliability for the whole system. This solution allows high speed communication among devices, even up to 30% faster than comparable hard wired control solutions.”
Large plants with electrical substations need to monitor and interconnect all their electrical systems from low voltage to medium voltage to the power grid. Planning for contingencies in case of system failure is a key requirement. Damage can be considerably minimized by protecting equipment in one zone from another via communication between the devices.
Projects like the upgrade of the electrical system of a SolVin PVC plant in Jemeppe, Belgium, demonstrate how the integration of low voltage circuit breakers into the existing network is realized with no need for additional converters or protocols. SolVin, a leading European vinyl manufacturer, was aiming at a higher system productivity and an increase of safety for their technical staff.
The ABB solution covered the installation of selected retrofit kits with the following results:
Ekip Hi-Touch multifunction for protection of the electrical installation
Ekip Com IEC 61850 module integrating the Emax2 circuit breaker into the existing medium voltage SCADA system
Ekip Com Actuator enabling the remote operation of the Emax2 circuit breaker and completing the plant supervision
The Emax2 is also the first circuit breaker with built-in power management functions. /

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