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Dell Accelerates IoT Adoption with New Edge Gateway for Small Spaces

DELL Edge Gateway

Dell, the broadest Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure solutions provider, introduces the new Dell Edge Gateway 3000 Series that offers customers flexibility, connectivity and real-time intelligence from harsh environments and small spaces. The 3000 Series includes three unique models targeted specifically for use cases and embedded solutions in the industrial automation, energy, transportation, and digital signage markets. With these new Edge Gateways, customers will be able to securely transfer and analyze important data at the edge of the network to glean real-time intelligence from the physical world. Ideal deployments include a vehicle, a refrigerated trailer, a remote oil pump in the desert, digital signs in an elevator or inside of the HVAC units on a roof-top of a casino. Customers ...

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[#hm2017] Schildknecht, Global and lifelong connectivity with new IoT edge gateway

IoT edge gateway DATAEAGLE 7050

Discussions and forecasts for the Internet of things(IoT) almost always end with the realization that successful solutions and business models are possible only with the help of a worldwide functioning, highly secure, and at the same time cost effective connectivity between the ’things’. The new IoT edge gateway DATAEAGLE 7050 exactly translates this into reality. It offers best possible global connectivity at low cost and at the same time a high level of flexibility for the collection and preliminary processing of data to be transferred. Using IoT Edge Gateway of Schildknecht AG enables transmitting data from the control unit into the cloud. Thanks to the eSIM card which is operable worldwide systems can be networked in all over the world. ...

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Huawei and Software AG to deliver complete Internet of Things Solutions

CeBIT2017 Huawei live

As the Internet of Things increasingly impacts every enterprise and the entire global economy, more and more industrial enterprises understand that the new business opportunities are too vast; the challenges from new competitors to unpredictable and new customer expectations are too high for any enterprise to sit still. To enable enterprises to take full control of their business strategies in a rapidly changing world and make those strategies flexible enough to react to the demands of digitalization when and where they need to, Huawei and Software AG are bringing together their core IoT competencies. Huawei’s hardware and software offerings for Cloud and Edge computing, Huawei’s Open IoT Platform and Network Infrastructure capabilities combined with Software AG’s streaming analytics, hybrid enterprise ...

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[#hm17] Smart luggage tags and digitally connected monitoring systems

Industry 4.0 at Hannovermesse

In manufacturing, the intelligent interconnectedness of Industry 4.0 is the way of the future, especially at the subcontracting end of the spectrum. And that, in short, is why integrated manufacturing and smart products will feature so prominently at the Industrial Supply show at this year’s HANNOVER MESSE. In Hall 6, for example, the German-based plastics specialists Arburg GmbH + Co KG and Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG will be showing the world what individualized mass production looks like. The two companies will run a live, interactive demonstration of a five-stage process for producing personalized, smart luggage tags. The overall process will combine a mix of injection molding, additive manufacturing, automation and digital integration. The growing trend towards integrated manufacturing is ...

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SATO to showcase DataLase inline digital printing solution at CeBIT

SATO, a leading global provider of Auto-ID solutions that unleash the Internet of Things (IoT), will showcase its revolutionary DataLase Inline Digital Printing technology at CeBIT 2017. Demonstrations of the DataLase technology will be taking place at the SATO stand in the Japanese Pavilion, Hall 12, during CeBIT, the world’s leading event for the digitalization of business, government and society. The exhibition is being held in Hannover, Germany, 20-24th March, 2017. DataLase Inline Digital Printing is a disruptive technology that delivers enhanced flexibility, quality, productivity and consumer interaction not seen before in the print and packaging sector. It is essentially an inkless, late stage digital print solution that enables true real time marketing capability for brands. For printers, packers and ...

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[#hm17] Almost indestructible pressure sensors

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH

What has long been known from practical applications, i.e. the utilization in mobile machines, has now been verified by Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) in further qualification tests: The pressure sensors in the M01 family are practically indestructible. Therefore customers can rest assured on procuring M01 pressure sensors that these products set the standards. Although M01 sensors have already proven their robustness in numerous applications over many years, standardized tests provide an additional, objective confirmation. Therefore, verification in accordance with the ISO 16750-3 and DIN EN 60068-2-80 standards was conducted which stipulates extremely stringent test conditions. Over a total of 282 hours, i.e. more than 11 days, the M01 pressure sensors were subjected to vibrations with frequencies up to 2000 Hz and ...

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[#hm17] Exam passed, certificate received – thank you, askMe!

fraunhofer - thank you, askMe!

At German universities, students are currently preparing for their exams once again. The libraries are full of students using different kinds of educational materials and applying different types of learning methods in order to acquire the knowledge expected from them to possess. Imagine each of these students would be supported by a digital companion offering exercises and even complete tests for them to check their current level of knowledge, and which recognizes knowledge deficits and adapts exercises and tests accordingly … Wouldn’t that be great? Well, this digital companion exists! Its name is askMe!, and everybody interested in getting to know it will have the opportunity to do so – at CeBIT, taking place March 20 to 24, 2017, in ...

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CeBIT 2017 – GBTEC introduces new BPM-Cloud


At CeBIT from March 20 – 24, 2017 in Hannover, GBTEC Software + Consulting AG and Arvato Systems GmbH will jointly present their products and solutions for Business Process Management (BPM). The focus will be on the new “BIC Cloud” offer from GBTEC, complemented by the “BIC Cloud Monitor“ from Arvato Systems GmbH. The BPM solution BIC Cloud expands the BIC Platform product family. With BIC Cloud, BPM beginners as well as BPM experts can easily document, analyze, and optimize processes direct in the browser. The dynamic and ergonomic interface allows intuitive work and flexibly adapts to the users experience level. In addition to the modeling functionality, BIC Cloud offers a dynamic portal for the publication of processes with collaboration ...

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Safety harmonised with productivity

Peter Steger of Grob-Werke

Hard nuts to crack when it comes to machine tool safety Standards on the safety of machine tools are currently being revised by the VDW (German Machine Tool Builder Association). The VDW’s working group for “Safety engineering in metal-cutting machining” is especially tasked with the Type C Product Safety Standards coming first in terms of importance, e.g. ISO 16089 for grinding machines, ISO 16090 for milling machines and ISO 23125 for lathes. They all refer to the Type-B Standard ISO 13849-1, in which what are called safety functions are given probability-referenced ratings as models for control chains. This theoretical approach intermeshes with operationally validated practice already established in the field. Despite a demonstrably high level of safety in German machine ...

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Universal Robots at the Hanover Trade Fair 2017

유니버설 로봇, 위스트론의 노트북 생산라인에 투입

For the first time ever Universal Robots presents turnkey solutions from its sales partners at the Hanover Trade Fair 2017. Four integration partners of the market leader in collaborative robotics provide insights into the broad spectrum of the application potential offered by the robot arms UR3, UR5 and UR10 at the trade fair booth (Hall 17, Booth C26). The host this year is Universal Robots GmbH, the newly founded local company for the region of Western Europe. The new trade fair concept is to give an idea of the simple and cost-efficient integration of flexible lightweight robots to end customers, ultimately also by the “Universal Robots Academy” training platform. The free online training program will be presented at HMI 2017. ...

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