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Safety of standard PLC control validated yet again

Photo (from left to right): Sven Staiger, Index-Werke, Esslingen, Nika Nowizki, Institut für Maschinenelemente (IMA), University Stuttgart, Dr. Alexander Broos, Head of Research and Technology, Source: Rainer Jensen

’VDW Project of the Year’ accolade awarded for outstanding study As part of the Safety Day at the EMO Hannover 2017, the VDW-Research Institute, the research community of the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), awarded the prize for the “Project of the Year” yesterday for the third time, thus paying due tribute to outstanding research projects conducted by production-engineering academics in order to close knowledge gaps in regard to issues concerning certain specifics of machine tools, plus production technology and engineering. The winner of this year’s prize is Dipl.-Ing. Nika Nowizki working for the Institute for Machine Components (IMA) of the University of Stuttgart, who in her study examined the field-evidenced reliability of automatic multi-spindle lathes from the Index ...

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MONORAIL MR 4 S series

SCHNEEBERGER’s high precision and stiff MONORAIL MR roller guideways are used worldwide for a broad range of mechanical engineering applications, especially for the high precision machine tool market and other high sophisticated and accurate machine types. The new MR 4S profiled roller series, introduces 4 major improvements relating to the distribution of lubricants, dirt resistance, shock resistance, and serviceability. The new MR 4S series of MONORAIL roller guideways from SCHNEEBERGER features a use – oriented lubrication system supported by a wide range of different interfaces. In addition, the type and method of lubrication can be specifically assigned externally. The lubricators and front plate are seal – welded to form pressure – tight lubrication channels, which considerably improves lubrication when operating ...

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Measurements trigger an appetite for more

Prof. Jörg Krüger, Head of the Automation Technology Department at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK) in Berlin

Progressively larger volumes of data smooth the path of machine learning for adoption in production operations Between fascination and a slight uneasiness –that’s roughly the sort of subliminal reaction even experts occasionally feel when it comes to the subject of “artificial intelligence”. Autonomous robots, self-driving vehicles or cognitive systems that image the functioning of the human brain and are even able to checkmate a chess grandmaster, may trigger concerns regarding a loss of human control. As a key technology for Industry 4.0, self-learning systems can be expected to find their way into the factories, especially if they are introduced gradually and “in small digestible pieces”, and prove that money can be earned with them. As a sub-category in the field ...

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SMC, IO-Link Master and IO-Link Devices

Proportional regulator with IO-Link from the ITV series

With two new IO-Link Devices and a new IO-Link Master, SMC has three current products heading in the direction of I4.0. In the case of the proportional pressure regulator in the ITV series, the focus is on dynamic parametrisation and rapid adjustments to changing conditions. Thanks to the integrated cycle count for the controlled valves, the new field bus system of the EX260 series offers ideal conditions for predictive maintenance. An IO-Link Master (V1.1) has also been integrated into the modular EX600 communication platform. All three devices support the fastest possible transfer speed, COM 3 (230 kBit/s). > Upgraded: EX260 Device The connection of valve manifolds using IO-Link is one of the main features of the EX260 serial transmission system. ...

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New 3D robot vision product family

New 3D robot vision product family

robust bin picking within seconds, even for most complex parts IntelliPICK is the new and extended sensor generation following the market proven robot vision product line SHAPESCAN3D, offering several new functionalities. In the course of the ongoing development of the ”Touch & Automate”-portfolio, the new sensor line will be extended by even more system sizes and equipped with embedded technology. Industrial production environments make high demands on machine vision sensors. Ambient light, small spaces, changing parts and containers as well as short cycle times are only the most common of challenges. The new IntelliPICK sensor portfolio for fully automated bin picking was particularly designed to address the challenges at production lines. With its robustness and resilience against disturbances the new ...

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KELCH launches Safecontrol III

Redesigned V9-S tool presetter and shrink fit device

Kelch GmbH, which specialises in peripherals and services for manufacturers and users of machine tools for cutting processes, will be showcasing the Safecontrol III system at this year’s EMO in Hanover. The system was developed to measure the pull force of the machine spindle. This is not just an enhancement to the well-known Safecontrol II, but rather a fully revised system with numerous additional benefits. Redesigned V9-S tool presetter and shrink fit device Saving and evaluating measured values Safecontrol III spans the measuring range from 2 to 100 KN, meaning that only one base unit is needed for the majority of measuring tasks, a major benefit compared with competitors’ products. The user-friendly design of the unit makes it simple to ...

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KELCH KENOVA set line V6 – now in a package with TDM Modules

KENOVA set line V6 is the new compact premium tool presetter from KELCH

Kelch GmbH, which specialises in peripherals and services for manufacturers and users of machine tools for cutting processes, is now also launching the latest generation of KENOVA tool presetters in conjunction with modules produced by TDM Systems, the Tool Data Management specialists. The TDM Base Module minimises the time needed for the selection of tool data by up to 50%. The TDM Tool Crib Module organises components and complete tools, thereby saving time and costs. KENOVA set line V6 tool presetters are available for different development stages: from a manual to a fully automated version. “The new V6 range is ideal for the majority of measuring and presetting tasks. Combining it in a package with the TDM software enables companies ...

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Intelligent equipment for smart production

SCHUNK 스마트 그리핑

”Industrial production is on the verge of a fundamental change,” underlined Dr. Markus Klaiber, CTO of SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG in Lauffen, Germany with a view to EMO 2017. ”In the years ahead, the digitalization, use of mechatronic products, and automation of production processes, collaboration between humans and robots as well as intelligent networking of all process-relevant components will promote a new concept of industrial production.” The primary focus will be on three aspects: communication between all the components involved, maximum transparency within the system, component, control technology and corporate levels, and flexible responses to external and internal events. ”The used types of clamping devices and gripping systems are of significant importance in all three of these areas,” the ...

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IIC Releases Industrial Internet Vocabulary Technical Report v.2.0


The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC), the world’s leading organization transforming business and society by accelerating the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announced version 2.0 of the Industrial Internet Vocabulary Technical Report. The report provides IIoT vocabulary terms and definitions that enable all stakeholders in the IIoT ecosystem, from system architects to IT managers to plant managers to business decision makers, to communicate with each other effectively. The IIC Vocabulary Technical Report v2.0 is the foundation for the collective body of work from the IIC, ensuring that consistent terminology is used throughout all IIC publications. This includes the Industrial Reference Architecture (IRA), Industrial Internet Security Framework (IISF), Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework (IICF) and the Business Strategy and Innovation ...

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VDW’s Malaysia symposium opens up market opportunities

The business talks in the context of the VDW Symposium in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) enabled German machine tools manufacturers to establish contacts in the Malaysian industry

Contact platform for machine tool manufacturers and Malaysia’s indus-trial sector   Despite the currently weakened vigour of its economy, Malaysia remains an attractive export market for German ma-chine tool manufacturers. Admittedly, the forecasts for machine tool consump-tion in 2017 are only very cautiously optimistic, but as from 2018 annual growth rates of around 3 per cent are again being predicted. In the long term, too, Malaysia offers attractive scenarios for machinery vendors, since the country is in this category largely dependent on imports. Malaysia’s import market is currently dominated by Asian vendors, chief among them the Japanese. But at least Germany ranks fourth, behind China and Taiwan, with scope for improvement – after all, manufacturers from Ger-many have hitherto operated ...

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