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Weaved and SafeLogic Announce Partnership to Provide Military Grade Security to the IoE Device Market

Weaved and SafeLogic join forces to provide ultimate security to the Weaved device network service offering.


Weaved, a pioneer in Internet-of-Everything (IoE) web-based connectivity services, has announced their partnership with SafeLogic, the new industry leader in validated cryptography, to extend their lead as the industry’s most secure platform for IoE(Internet of Everything) devices.
The growing popularity of IoE devices has brought along with it the unavoidable risk of malicious activity by hackers, the loss of sensitive data, or even violations of users’ privacy. The commercial success of the connected home concept is dependent on building ever-increasing confidence by consumers in the safe operation of their connected devices. For example, using a credit card to make purchases over the Internet was once considered risky but is now accepted as commonplace. Similarly, Weaved and SafeLogic believe that the adoption of IoE devices will continue to accelerate if users share the same level of confidence. SafeLogic cryptographic engines have been deployed by many of the most trusted names in the IT industry, making them an ideal technology partner to provide enhanced security services to the Weaved platform.

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As Ryo Koyama, CEO of Weaved, explained, “The need for integrated and robust security can’t be overstated in the growing market for IoE devices. At Weaved, we are experts in providing the software and services necessary to securely connect devices across the Internet. We are delighted to work with SafeLogic as our partner to extend the security measures of our platform and ensure every device using the Weaved backend services can benefit from the industry’s highest standards for data integrity, data at rest encryption, and secure communications to a trusted implementation.”


Ray Potter, CEO of SafeLogic, agreed, “Every legacy connected device is potentially vulnerable, and the public is starting to recognize that. Weaved has thought through the problems of device security and their embedded and network services already provide the best in class architecture approach. By leveraging SafeLogic’s validated cryptographic solutions, Weaved has taken yet another major step towards a secure and reliable network. We are very proud to partner with them to provide the highest level of cryptographic solutions, for the most demanding users.”




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