RoTrack – an Autonomous Telematics System in M2M Technology
RoTrack – an Autonomous Telematics System in M2M Technology

Even today, there are many application areas in which companies can use M2M technology. In the coming years, M2M will establish itself as one of the key technologies in many industrial branches.
With its “RoTrack-GPS-1000”, Rosenberger offers an autonomous telematics system for positioning, tracking and sensoring of objects and opens up new application fields in the area of M2M, IoT and Industry 4.0.
RoTrack-GPS-1000 in detail:
Energy autarkic telematics system – power supply by internal off-the-shelf battery
Low electric power consumption – 1.400 messages with one battery pack
IP 65 housing
Up to 4.000 position data in internal storage (if transmission via GSM-net is not available)
Web portal for localization, dispatching and asset monitoring in real time available
Compatible with other established M2M
For information in detail, please see the Rosenberger M2M

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