VORAGO Technologies, a leading provider of radiation-hardened and extreme temperature embedded systems technology, is delighted to have recently extended the flight heritage of the company’s microcontroller products.

VA10820 microcontroller chip (image. VORAGO)

The VA10820 microcontroller is currently operating on the Astranis demonstrator satellite DemoSat-2, which was launched on the PSLV-C40 polar satellite launch vehicle in January. The spacecraft was designed to demonstrate Astranis’ software-defined radio technology and is currently successfully operating in low Earth orbit.

Astranis is working towards bringing broadband to the four billion people on Earth who do not currently have internet access.

The rad-hard VA10820 was selected by Astranis on account of its impressive radiation performance specifications. Many SmallSat and CubeSat developers are taking a similar approach to the electronics radiation protection strategy in their spacecraft, by implementing the VA10820 microcontroller as the rad-hard mission critical mainstay component.

“We are delighted to support Astranis and be part of the impressive platform”, said Bernd Lienhard, Chief Executive Officer of VORAGO Technologies. “This technology is perfect for spacecraft that bring connectivity to the most remote places on Earth and we are proud to contribute to the Astranis solution.”

VORAGO Technologies is a privately held, high technology company based in Austin, TX with patented and proven solutions that enable electronics systems for extreme temperature and radiation environments. more information at www.voragotech.com