With two new IO-Link Devices and a new IO-Link Master, SMC has three current products heading in the direction of I4.0. In the case of the proportional pressure regulator in the ITV series, the focus is on dynamic parametrisation and rapid adjustments to changing conditions. Thanks to the integrated cycle count for the controlled valves, the new field bus system of the EX260 series offers ideal conditions for predictive maintenance. An IO-Link Master (V1.1) has also been integrated into the modular EX600 communication platform. All three devices support the fastest possible transfer speed, COM 3 (230 kBit/s).

> Upgraded: EX260 Device

The connection of valve manifolds using IO-Link is one of the main features of the EX260 serial transmission system. It is possible to control up to 32 coils, as required, with one unit. Compared with parallel wiring, this reduces the number of necessary components and the wiring costs. The COM3 transfer speed (230 kBit/s) enables very precise switching procedures with highly replicable switching times, carried out by the SMC valve manifolds, SV, VQC, S0700 and New SY. This means, for example, that rapid filling procedures can be controlled very precisely. These figures are valid in case of new SY. VQC Series in contrast has a service life of 100 million cycles. Using an integrated cycle counter, it is also possible to plan maintenance intervals predictively. A typical feature of the EX260 series is their compact dimensions: With a maximum width of only 28 mm, they can be quickly and easily installed even in confined conditions. The field bus systems are dustproof and will even withstand temporary immersion in liquids (IP67). Their robust construction thus permits them to be positioned close to machinery and offers additional scope in the design process.

> Upgraded: EX600 Communication Platform

SMC has added an IO-Link Master (V1.1) to the communication platform of the EX600 series. Thanks to the modular design, up to 4 masters can be quickly and easily blocked in an EX600 platform with Profinet interface. This means that a total of up to 16 IO-Link Devices can be connected to a platform. A connected IO-Link Device can be parameterised remotely while in operation, and remote diagnosis is also possible.

The main applications of the ITV-series electropneumatic regulators include, for example:

* Mechanical engineering and machine tools
* Controlling the contact pressure of printing presses
* Applications in the automotive sector
* Packaging industry

Proportional regulator with IO-Link from the ITV series
Proportional regulator with IO-Link from the ITV series

> Bored out: ITV-Series Proportional Controller

The new, electropneumatic regulator in the ITV-series has also been equipped with an IO-Link interface, offering infinitely variable pressure regulation from 0 to 1 MPa with a supply pressure of 1.2 MPa. As an IO-Link Device, the regulator also supports COM3, the highest data transfer standard (230 kBit/s). The control function and the output pressure of the new ITV proportional regulator can be adjusted dynamically while in operation. So particularly with regard to developments in the direction of Industry 4.0, which demands maximum flexibility down to a batch size of 1, it is well up to the job. In spite of its small dimensions and minimal weight of only 750 grams, the newly launched ITV proportional regulator enables flow rates of up to 4,000 l/min. The compact dimensions and low weight are a particular advantage in highly confined environments, or in dynamic applications such as when fitted to a robotic arm.


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