IoT edge gateway DATAEAGLE 7050
IoT edge gateway DATAEAGLE 7050 (Schildknecht)

Discussions and forecasts for the Internet of things(IoT) almost always end with the realization that successful solutions and business models are possible only with the help of a worldwide functioning, highly secure, and at the same time cost effective connectivity between the ’things’. The new IoT edge gateway DATAEAGLE 7050 exactly translates this into reality. It offers best possible global connectivity at low cost and at the same time a high level of flexibility for the collection and preliminary processing of data to be transferred.

Using IoT Edge Gateway of Schildknecht AG enables transmitting data from the control unit into the cloud. Thanks to the eSIM card which is operable worldwide systems can be networked in all over the world. So IoT Edge Gateway DATAEAGLE 7050 is the optimal solution for analyzing data of machines in real-time, for remote maintenance, as well as for remote monitoring of systems for predicting component fatigue. This involves new business models for our customers in the form of services for their customers. Data analysis enables an increase in operating costs or improvement of products and services.

Data preprocessing in the IoT Edge Gateway allows for data compression, providing for lower mobile radio costs at a standard rate independently of the respective place of installation. Mobile radio features the highest network coverage in the world and thanks to the role-based billing via the portal billing provides for an easy cost assignment according to accurate measuring points as well as accounting. The eSIM card automatically selects the best network among 400 providers (Unsteered Roaming). Devices and data are managed via a portal from which data is transferred into the system (ERP, Cloud) of the customer. Interfaces (OPC UA, RestAPI, MQTT, XML, SMS, Twitter, ftp, Email)) to the customer are freely selectable.

IoT edge gateway DATAEAGLE 7050
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End-to end encryption and TÜV (German Technical Supervisory association) certification ensures maximum data security. IoT Edge Gateway Dataeagle 7050 speaks the language of all machines. All Ethernet-based fieldbus systems are available as an option. This enables measuring machine data in all over the world and setting new parameters. As an option, sensors can be connected via Bluetooth Low Energy or additional I/O modules can be connected.

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