Identify phases on up to 40 km long cables with minimal effort
The set is used on earthed and short-circuited cables. To detect the phases, the user places signal injectors around the three conductors at the start of the cable. The signal injectors apply measuring signals of various frequencies with each induction, which the paula unit then analyses at the end of the cable.
The user taps with a measuring tip on each conductor at the cable end and the paula unit automatically indicates which conductor (e.g. 1, 2 or 3) it is. The results of the last 100 measurements are stored in the unit’s internal memory.
The wireless system is quick and easy to use. The paula device set is ideal for cables with a maximum length of 40 km, making it equally possible to measure longer submarine cables. Thanks to the compact design of the signal injectors, it is also possible to detect phases in very confined switchgear. The basic device set consists of the paula unit including measuring cables and three signal injectors, as well as the detector and a case with an integrated wireless charging unit for the signal injectors.
By purchasing additional signal injectors with other measurement frequencies, it is possible to determine phases on up to ten three-phase cables.

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