ABB introduces at the Hanover Fair 2015 its new WirelessHART field devices for temperature and pressure measurement. The WirelessHART temperature sensor TSP300-W with Energy Harvester is the world’s first self-powered wireless measurement device requiring no wiring, no external power supply and ideally no battery replacement.

Field-mounted temperature transmitter TTF300-W WirelessHART
Field-mounted temperature transmitter
TTF300-W WirelessHART

It enables truly autonomous temperature measurement being powered by an on-board micro-thermoelectric generator. The products are being initially offered in Europe, then a few months later in the US followed by other countries worldwide.
WirelessHART measurement products
With the new WirelessHART temperature sensor TSP300-W (plus optional with Energy Harvester), WirelessHART temperature transmitter TTF300-W and WirelessHART pressure transmitter 266, ABB offers its customers wireless instruments and integration solutions for temperature, pressure, level, flow and density measurement.
Unique energy management
ABB’s wireless devices feature a unique energy management technology based on an ultra-low power design that significantly extends battery life and increases the reliability of a network. Much faster update rates are possible and the battery replacement intervals can be tremendously reduced.
Ten-year battery life at up to 32 second update rate in reference conditions
Non-proprietary D size Lithium cells can be procured locally
Battery residual life configurable as dynamic burst variable through DTM
ABB battery replacement in Class I Div 2 (intrinsically safe) areas can be accomplished
Energy Harvester for autonomous measurements
The WirelessHART temperature sensor TSP300-W with Energy Harvester is powered by an on-board microthermoelectric generator (micro-TEG), which is driven by the temperature difference between the process and the ambient surroundings. The micro-TEGs used in ABB’s WirelessHART temperature transmitters provide a robust and compact solution for energy harvesting from either hot or cold processes. With many industrial processes having an abundance of heat, the power that can be delivered by TEGs is sufficient to operate wireless sensors in a variety of locations.
ABB’s 266 wireless pressure transmitters are designed to interconnect with an external Harvester to further enhance usability and reduce battery replacement intervals.
Many of ABB’s measurement products feature a common HMI platform for easier network access, device parameterization and troubleshooting. They can be configured with common HART Handheld terminals and can be integrated into control systems like ABB’s System 800xA.
ABB’s measurement products enable:
Reduced installation costs by up to 30% compared to wired HART
Faster implementation time: up to 75% faster, no trenching and backfill
Complete remote access to device diagnostics
Smaller installation footprint: no junction boxes and wiring infrastructure
Scalability: easy installation of additional measurement instruments
Measurement and communication with installations that were not feasible with wiring e.g. mobile assets
Energy Harvester equipped devices allow for an enlarged potential of the mesh network infrastructure for maximum network reliability
Support during deployment of wireless networks
ABB offers a choice of three solutions packages for the deployment of wireless networks tailored to suit customer needs. The solution packages include device commissioning training, site survey, network deployment feasibility report and proposal, wireless network deployment and commissioning as well as optional DCS connectivity. The wireless modules are pre-configured at the factory. For larger projects, ABB is offering a solution including support from engineering to start up.

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