B&R Industrial Automation has introduced a new line of swing arm systems. These fully enclosed panels are available in a a number of variants and feature IP65 protection.

Multi-touch widescreen panels are available in sizes ranging from 18.5″ to 24″ with either HD Ready or Full HD resolution. The larger displays and higher resolution make it possible to include even more information on each screen – an enormous advantage for user ergonomics.

B&R swing arm systems with IP65-rated panels
Automation Panel 시리즈는 아홉 가지 종류의 스윙 암 모델이 있으며, 필요에 따라 버튼이나 스위치를 추가적으로 장착할 수 있다.

High definition in portrait format
If space is limited yet large displays are still necessary, a 21.5″ model in portrait format is also available. With optional side handles, it is easy to maneuver and operate these devices at the machine. Two system variants with analog resistive touch screens are also available in 4:3 format, allowing users to upgrade their operator hardware without having to modify their existing HMI applications in any way.

Simple cabling
These panels are connected using affordable standard cables run conveniently through the swing arm shaft – even after mounting. And for those who choose Smart Display Link 3 – which allows up to 100 meters between the PC and panel – the slim RJ45 connector makes cabling even easier.

Easy operation
These swing arm systems can be equipped with buttons, selector switches, key switches and an integrated E-stop button as needed. Thanks to an integrated RFID reader, individual access rights can be assigned to anyone from service engineers to system operators. Jotting down passwords on small scraps of paper has been relegated to the past – right where it belongs.

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