Mitsubishi Electric(TOKYO:6503) has announced the establishment of a new showroom within the headquarters of Mitsubishi Electric Automation Korea Co., Ltd. (MEAK), a wholly owned Mitsubishi Electric Group subsidiary based in Seoul that handles sales and service of factory automation (FA) products in Republic of Korea.

Mitsubishi Electric, New FA Product Showroom Established in Republic of Korea

The showroom opend on November 10 and further strengthen FA sales and service capabilities in Korea, underpinning the local FA Systems sales target of 45 billion yen in the fiscal year ending in March 2016.

The new showroom consists of two sections. The FA product and solutions display features programmable controllers, inverters, servos, displays and other equipment, as well as solutions that, for example, show how e-F@ctory supports the visualization of plant operations. Meanwhile, the numerical controller/processing machine technical center features electrical discharge, laser processing, and other machines, while also providing test processing, technical guidance, and training and technology seminars.

In recent years, the manufacturing industry in Korea has grown and diversified, leading to demands for increasingly advanced and consequently complex equipment, while increased export sales are putting greater pressure on the management of facilities and machines. The showroom in the new, larger headquarters established in July 2014 will reinforce MEAK’s sales and service capabilities, enabling it to work ever more closely with the Korean manufacturing industry and meet its needs by introducing the latest products and technologies and continuing to offer comprehensive technical support.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Korea Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, provides sales, after-service, repair and training for FA products. Mitsubishi Electric and Setsuyo Astec Corporation, a wholly owned Mitsubishi Electric subsidiary, own 51% and 49% of MEAK’s shares respectively.


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