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Measurements trigger an appetite for more

Prof. Jörg Krüger, Head of the Automation Technology Department at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK) in Berlin

Progressively larger volumes of data smooth the path of machine learning for adoption in production operations Between fascination and a slight uneasiness –that’s roughly the sort of subliminal reaction even experts occasionally feel when it comes to the subject of “artificial intelligence”. Autonomous robots, self-driving vehicles or cognitive systems that image the functioning of the human brain and are even able to checkmate a chess grandmaster, may trigger concerns regarding a loss of human control. As a key technology for Industry 4.0, self-learning systems can be expected to find their ...

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[#hm17] Exam passed, certificate received – thank you, askMe!

fraunhofer - thank you, askMe!

At German universities, students are currently preparing for their exams once again. The libraries are full of students using different kinds of educational materials and applying different types of learning methods in order to acquire the knowledge expected from them to possess. Imagine each of these students would be supported by a digital companion offering exercises and even complete tests for them to check their current level of knowledge, and which recognizes knowledge deficits and adapts exercises and tests accordingly … Wouldn’t that be great? Well, this digital companion exists! ...

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CeBIT 2017: VR in Industrie 4.0 – Complex 3D data on all devices

The “instant3Dhub” software platform visualizes the ship’s 3D data in the browser..

’instant3DHub’ software enables engineers to inspect industrial plants in real time Daimler, Porsche and BMW already use instant3DHub at over 1,000 workstations A new web-based software platform is swiftly bringing the visualization of 3D data to every device, optimizing the use of, for example, virtual reality and augmented reality in industry. In this way, Fraunhofer researchers have brought the ideal of  “any data on any device” a good deal closer.   If you want to be sure that the person you are sending documents and pictures to will be able ...

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[#HM2016] Adjusting production processes in real time

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 requires comprehensive data collection in order to control highly automated process sequences in complex production environments. One example is the cultivation of living cells. But digitalizing and networking biotech production equipment is a huge challenge: relevant standards have yet to be established, and biology has a dynamic all its own. Using fully automated equipment for producing stem cells, Fraunhofer researchers have managed to adjust the process control to cell growth – delivering an adaptive system that is suitable for use in a number of sectors. The term industry ...

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[HannoverMesse] Safe production in Industry 4.0

Production facilities and components of Industry 4.0 are linked to the Internet, networked with each other, and thus open to attack. Using an IT security laboratory, Fraunhofer researchers offer a test environment in order to simulate attacks on this network and to detect any gaps. From April 13 to 17 they will unveil the possibilities at this year‘s Hannover Messe (Hall 2, Booth C16). Beautiful new production world: For value-creation chains that span multiple locations, equipment, robotics, systems components, minicomputers in components and sensors are all networked with each other ...

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