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First Compliance Verification Process for Ethernet ECUs

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS provides the first compliance verification process for Ethernet ECUs

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTION Performs Implementation of OPEN ALLIANCE TC8 Test Specification RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS – experts in automotive data communication – provides the first compliance verification process for Ethernet ECUs accomplishing the OPEN ALLIANCE TC8 Test Specification. ”With IP/Ethernet technology in cars moving closer to realization, excellent quality and cost effectiveness of all components is mandatory,” stated Wolfgang Malek, General Manager and Co-Founder of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. ”The system specifications of whole board nets underlie enormous changes. Thus, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers have to do their best to ...

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[HannoverMesse] powerful Ethernet-based Sigma Network developed by Kaeser for Industry 4.0

Fast, secure and future-ready! The powerful Ethernet-based Sigma Network developed by Kaeser provides optimised compressed air station monitoring and control. Moreover, it is able to take advantage of the future-oriented benefits that Industry 4.0 has to offer. Industrial applications place special demands on communication – including machine to machine communication – and this is the basis of Industry 4.0. The technology must not only be durable and easily manageable onsite, but should also be globally compatible, fast and secure and be able to transfer large volumes of data with maximum ...

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NXP 커뮤니케이션 카, 유럽 시운전 투어 완료… 지능형 교통 미래 선보여


NXP 반도체는 업계 선도기업들과 손잡고 독일, 오스트리아, 네덜란드 3개국을 연결하는 ITS(지능형 교통 시스템) 도로에서 ‘커뮤니케이팅 카(Communicating Cars)’ 시운전 투어 행사를 진행했다고 밝혔다. 뮌헨에서 개최된 세계적인 전자제품 전시회인 일렉트로니카(electronica)에서 시작된 이번 시운전 행사에서는 혼다의 스마트 자동차들이 뮌헨, 비엔나, 헬몬트의 지멘스 지능형 교통 인프라가 구축된 ITS 현장 시험 구간을 비롯해 총 1,300km의 거리를 주행했다. 본 투어에 활용되는 시연 차량은 모두 NXP의 업계선도적이고 보안성 있는 통신 기술을 탑재하고 있으며,보다 향상된 도로 안전과 오염 감소 등 지능형 교통 통제의 장점을 선보였다. 2013년, 독일, 오스트리아, 네덜란드의 교통부 장관들이 3개국의 국경을 넘는 ITS 도로를 공동 구축할 ...

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ON Semiconductor Releases Low Power HART CMOS Modem IC for Industrial Communications

  ON Semiconductor has expanded its family of modems targeted at highway addressable remote transducer (HART) industrial communication implementations. With this latest product introduction, ON Semiconductor, who recently became a member of the HART Foundation (www.hartcomm.org), now offers solutions for low power HART applications.   The new NCN5193 single-chip CMOS device supports Bell 202 shift frequencies between 1200 hertz (Hz) and 2200 Hz, and is capable of delivering a 1200 bit per second (bps) half-duplex data rate. With a built-in power amplifier, a 17-bit sigma-delta digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and an ...

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Powerful Powerlink connectivity in the new Anybus CompactCom 40-series

Powerlink is an industrial Ethernet network originating from the Austrian automation company B+R. It is now receiving recognition from many manufacturers of automation products and systems around the world. Powerlink is one of the first networks to be offered in the new Anybus CompactCom 40-series which will be released in April. The CompactCom 40-series allows very fast and accurate communication between the host device and Powerlink. Communication speed and reliability are important since Powerlink networks are often used for demanding industrial applications such as synchronized servo drive systems. The CompactCom ...

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[icnweb] FF and HART Foundations Discuss Potential Merger

The Fieldbus Foundation and the HART Communication Foundation have entered into discussions on the potential for merging the two organizations into a single industry foundation dedicated to the needs of intelligent device communications in the world of process automation. The chairmen of the two organizations—Dr. Gunther Kegel of the Fieldbus Foundation and Mr. Mark Schumacher of the HART Communication Foundation—issued the following statement on behalf of their Boards of Directors: “We believe combining the resources and capabilities of each foundation into a single organization will provide significant benefits to both ...

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[icnweb] ARM Acquires Sensinode Oy to Accelerate the Internet of Things

ARM today announced that it has acquired Sensinode Oy, a provider of software technology for the Internet of things (IoT). The privately-held company has led the creation of the 6LoWPAN and CoAP standards for low cost low power devices, and has been a key contributor to the IETF, ZigBee IP, ETSI and OMA standardization efforts. ARM will continue the commercial offering of Sensinode’s NanoStack and NanoService products to existing and new customers.   The IoT is the next evolution of the Internet where products of all types and capabilities are connected. ...

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[ICNweb] Rambus and SK Hynix Sign Patent License Agreement

Rambus Inc., the innovative technology solutions company, and SK Hynix, the world’s top tier memory semiconductor supplier, has announced they have signed a five-year patent license agreement for the use of Rambus memory-related patented innovations in SK Hynix semiconductor products and have also settled all outstanding claims. The agreement includes a license to certain DRAM products for payments of $12 million per quarter for the next five years. Other terms of the agreement are confidential. “This is a milestone agreement for both companies that puts years of legal disputes behind ...

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High-performance control Requires high-performance communication

The first PC-based controller in 1986 was already high-performance because, thanks to fast PC processors, it was already significantly more powerful and faster than the so-called hardware controllers at that time. Even then it was a challenge to bring this computing power “down to the ground,” i.e. to the sensors and actuators of the plant to be controlled. Although plug-in I/O cards were a solution, they coupled the maximum number of inputs and outputs to the number of free card slots and led by nature to the multi-wire, inflexible wiring ...

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Yokogawa Releases FieldMate™ R2.03 Versatile Device Management Wizard

Yokogawa Electric Corporation (www.yokogawa.com) has announces that it will release the FieldMate™ R2.03 Versatile Device Management Wizard. This is an upgraded version intended for use in plants and other production-related sites. In response to rapid growth in the Chinese market, Chinese language support has been included as a standard feature. Support for the ISA100.11a field wireless communications standard is also provided. Development Background Digital communications standards play an increasingly important role in communications between plant central control systems and field sensors. With conventional field communications, only measured values from sensors are ...

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