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9월, 2010

  • 25 9월

    Solution competence confirms Festo key values

    At Festo, all signs point to growth: in the first half-year of 2010, the performance leader in automation technology recorded the highest number of new orders in the company’s history. “With us, every customer finds the right solution,” says Dr. Eberhard Veit, Chairman of the Management Board of Festo AG, explaining the rapidly growing demand.

  • 23 9월

    SafetyNET p is an international standard

    The real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p has been accepted within the IEC 61158 and IEC 61784-2 as an internationaler standard. Within the standard series IES 61158, the basis communication of field busses has been standardised. During this process, standard communication profiles for industrial communication are defined. SafetyNET p has been accepted as a Type 22. The standard series IEC 61784-2, which evaluates the real-time communication of an Ethernet based system, has been extended to include the communication profile CPF 18, which describes SafetyNET p. In doing so, both performance classes were ...

  • 23 9월

    Safety Network International e.V. welcomes five new members

    The user organisation welcomes the applications of five new companies for membership in the open forum for safety and automation. With the Italian companies, NUM SpA and Conductix Wampfler, two new members have applied, who both manufacture automation components. Conductix-Wampfler is one of the world‘s leading specialists of systems for energy and data transfer for mobile equipment. NUM SpA is a provider of high-end CNC solutions. Both companies are looking toward supporting the safe real-time Ethernet System SafetyNET p in future with their own products. The three Japanese companies, Yokogawa ...

  • 23 9월

    Get in Sync with the Latest Precision Time Protocol—IEEE 1588 v2

    If you’re still using NTP, IRIG-B, or other protocols that fail to provide time accuracy down to the nanosecond level, you’re probably spending more time and money than you need on synchronizing your substation automation system (SAS). These outdated solutions generally require engineers to set up and maintain a separate and dedicated network to synchronize all the nodes in the power grid. The advent of Ethernet-enabled IEDs, merging units (MUs), and protection devices has prompted substation engineers to look to Ethernet protocols for new ways to synchronize their networks. Thanks ...

  • 23 9월

    3G Cellular Technology in Remote Environmental Monitoring Systems

    Long haul wireless communications weren’t always a feasible solution for remote environmental monitoring applications. Slow response times, low bandwidth, the complexity of integrating supervisory or SCADA systems with remote devices, and prohibitive infrastructure / system management / maintenance costs all obstructed the adoption of wireless solutions to automate remote environmental monitoring systems. But thanks to advancements in cellular packet technology, painless and cost-effective wireless solutions for remote environmental monitoring systems have arrived. Using cellular communication technology in environmental monitoring systems requires no additional infrastructure costs. In addition to expanding your ...

  • 23 9월

    CC-Link Slave available now on netTAP 100 Gateway

    Hilscher consolidates the position of the netTAP 100 gateway in the asian market with the release of the CC-Link Slave protocol. Conversions to PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, SERCOS III, POWERLINK, Ethernet/IP, CANopen und DeviceNet are available. Whether it is slave-to-slave or master-to-slave conversion, the protocols are loadable to the gateway any possible combination. Read on for more details in the product section netTAP on the gateway pages NT 100-RE-CC, NT 100-DP-CC, NT 100-CO-CC oder NT 100-DN-CC. Industrial plants today, from the office level to the sensor/actuator level are controlled ...

  • 23 9월

    AS-i 3.0 Motor Module in IP67 for Interroll and Itoh Denki motors

    Industrial Communication Network Tim / oseam.icn@gmail.com

1월, 2007

  • 16 1월

    NI, 연간 30%대의 고성장세 유지

    <DIV>한국내쇼날인스트루먼트(대표이사 김주엽)는 2006년에도 30%의 변함없는 성장세를 보인 것으로 작년 매출 마감 결과를 발표했다. </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>자체적으로는 NI 세계 지사들 중에서 중국에 이어 두 번째로 높은 성장을 기록한 것이고 국내 진출 이후 10년 연속 꾸준한 30%대의 성장을 유지한 것으로 나타났다. 특히, 이러한 성장 동인은 개발 환경을 완벽하게 한국어로 업그레이드한 LabVIEW 8 (한글판) 버전의 출시와 RF를 비롯한 모듈형 계측기의 판매 호조에서 비롯된 것이다. </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>그뿐만 아니라, 대표적인 PAC(Programmable Automation Controller) 제품인 CompactRIO의 놀라운 시장 반응과 꾸준한 DAQ의 강세도 톡톡히 한 몫을 담당한 것으로 평가하고 있다. 이에 따라 내년에는 기존의 주력 분야인 ...