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SCHNEEBERGER’s high precision and stiff MONORAIL MR roller guideways are used worldwide for a broad range of mechanical engineering applications, especially for the high precision machine tool market and other high sophisticated and accurate machine types.

MONORAIL MR 4 S series

The new MR 4S profiled roller series, introduces 4 major improvements relating to the distribution of lubricants, dirt resistance, shock resistance, and serviceability.

The new MR 4S series of MONORAIL roller guideways from SCHNEEBERGER features a use – oriented lubrication system supported by a wide range of different interfaces. In addition, the type and method of lubrication can be specifically assigned externally. The lubricators and front plate are seal – welded to form pressure – tight lubrication channels, which considerably improves lubrication when operating in idle.

To prevent the ingress of dirt and the loss of lubricant, the carriages are equipped with double – lipped wipers all around. The fixing of the double – lipped cross wiper mounted on the front plate has also been optimized in the new MR 4S series. These plates, in turn, are supported on both sides along the entire cross – section, which ensures reliable functionality even under extreme loads. In addition, the new version is especially easy to service. After first removing the steel front plate, the cross wipers can be exchanged by pulling them up and over the rail in an axial direction.

Another key feature of the MR 4S MONORAIL guideway are the shock resistant carriages. For example, the front plate is made from stainless steel. It covers a plastic front plate to provide additional protection against damage and contamination. Both plates are fastened to the body of the carriage using the same four screws. This improves stability and ensures continuously good running characteristics. To further improve reliability under heavy loads, even the heavily stressed carriage bodies have been optimized to counteract fatigue stress of notched parts that may occur.

Even the heavily stressed carriage bodies have been optimized to counteract fatigue stress of notched parts that may occur.

The MONORAIL MR 4 S series is available in the sizes 25, 35, 45, 55 and 65 and the maximum length per single rail is 6000 mm. The sixth size, the MR 100 is especially suitable for loads of approx. 150 tons.

The body of all the carriages and the rails are made of high – quality hardened steel. Specially shaped rollers are used as rolling elements which contributes to extreme rigidness and the high dynamic and static load carrying capacity. In the standard version, the system can be accelerated by up to 50 m/sec 2 and designed for speeds of up to 3 m/s. Each size is available in a variety of accuracy classes – from G3 down up to G0. A wide range of accessories and options are available.

All MONORAIL MR 4S can also be equipped with the SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL AMS distance measuring system.

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