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Xarex, Acquired UL Certificate for Heat Tracing System

Korea’s small but strong company specializing in heating cables has made recent headlines since it acquired UL certificate for the heat tracing system last September for the first time in Asia and the fifth time in the world.

In the heating cable market in which overseas brands gain a competitive edge, Xarex (www.xarexthermal.com) has been recognized for quality and technologies from renowned foreign certification agencies not only by acquiring UL certificate but by obtaining self-regulating heating cable-related patent.

Xarex, that produces and supplies heating cables about 10 million meters each year, is currently exploring new markets such as petroleum, chemical plant, construction and maritime sectors based on the continuous research & development and competitive edge with respect to quality to be globally competitive by exporting its products to advanced countries, including Russia, Europe and the United States.

In particular, the acquisition of the UL certificate is expected to lay the foundation for changing the landscape of the heating cable market dominated by overseas brands, and to become a cornerstone for Xarex to grow into a global company, along with overseas FM, EX, CE, and VDE certifications.

The self-regulating heating cable developed by Xarex has the effect of saving electricity up to 50% by adjusting the amount of heat depending on the changes of ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature increases, the movement of the molecules decreases, when it saves electricity through the principle of activating the molecular structures by lowering the heat.

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In addition, unlike serial type or MI-type cables, the self-regulating heating cable has an unlimited parallel circuit structure, which makes it possible to cut randomly and gives it an advantage over other cables due to easy installation.

It also has a variety of applications such as freezing prevention for pipes and tanks, protection of plant facilities, melting of snow on road slopes or building roofs, floor heating, and deicing or removing snow from runways and highways.

A company official said, ”The heating cable which has excellent electricity saving effects and is utilized in various fields has a high market potential”, and ”Xarex is planning to make continued technical development based on the technology which is second to none to solidify its position in the markets both home and abroad.”

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