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NORMA Group Receives Large Order from Korean Car Manufacturer

NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, has received a major order from a Korean carmaker.

Beginning in 2017, NORMA Group will manufacture millions of joining products each year at its plant in Changzhou, China, to equip around 8 million vehicles worldwide by the year 2021.

NORMACLAMP profile clamps (V PP and V 2PP) are used to connect turbochargers and urea systems for diesel vehicles. The components will help the automaker’s vehicles meet Euro 6 C emission standards, which go into effect in 2017 within the European Union as well as in Korea.

“We are very pleased about this major long-term order,” says Werner Deggim, CEO of NORMA Group. “This will enable us to continue to pursue our goal of achieving further growth in Asia, especially in China and Korea. With our strategy of setting up the value chain locally where our customers are based, we will be able to continue to develop new global markets and expand.”

NORMACLAMP V PP and V 2PP profile clamps are designed for space-saving installation. The clamps are easy to install, and their light weight helps automakers shed vehicle weight, which helps to reduce emissions. The patented joining products for flanged pipes are used in various applications, including vehicle exhaust, cooling and filtration systems, but also in turbochargers and charged air applications.

NORMA Group has been active in China since 2007. In addition to its production facilities in Qingdao, the company recently opened a second plant in Changzhou last year.

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