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Global UMS Market to Top $11 Billion (Cumulative) by 2020

A new and vibrant market is rapidly emerging under everyone’s radar. The Unmanned Maritime Systems Market is set to answer the dual challenges of reduced outlay and reduced personnel in traditional fleets, brought upon by squeezed defense budgets.

Unmanned Maritime Systems Market Forecast
Unmanned Maritime Systems Market Forecast

The world’s Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS) market is evolving rapidly under the combined impact of changing threats, economic, operational and technological advances.
Market Info Group LLC (MiG) is proud to introduce the most comprehensive, analysis-based, forecast to date. This forecast is guaranteed to help business developers, vendors, managers, planners, marketers, engineers, users, and investors, understand the complex dynamics of the UMS landscape and use these insights to establish, maintain and increase market competitiveness.

The world’s Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS) market is evolving rapidly, responding to changing threats, tensions in the Middle East and Asia, economic and budgetary pressures, and a growing eagerness by modern navies and developing countries alike to develop, procure and deploy UMSs.

This report condenses into a compact format – at a very affordable price – everything you need to know about UMS. The business analysis gives you a comprehensive view of current Unmanned Underwater Systems (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Remotely Operated Vehicles, Mine Delivery Vehicles, gliders and associated systems) and of Unmanned Surface Systems (Unmanned Surface Vehicles, partially submerged vessels and associated systems) for the Defense and Security markets (Public and Private) worldwide.

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