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Efficient Building Automation with AS-Interface

AS-Interface has long been the epitome of efficiency in production facilities around the globe. Now the simplest bus system in the world is also playing an increasing role in building automation as well.

Bihl+Wiedemann as well is seeing stronger demand from the field of building automation and has accordingly adapted and expanded their own product portfolio appropriately. To demonstrate use of AS-Interface in this context, their newly constructed production facility in Mannheim is being used as a test object. Generating cost savings is a simultaneous objective. Thomas Müller, Sales Manager at Bihl+Wiedemann, is overjoyed at the many small savings realized in operating the facility, and is confident that “all of this is going to add up significantly.”

Fig.: AS-i Master in a network with building technology
Fig.: AS-i Master in a network with building technology

With AS-Interface Gateways and the corresponding AS-Interface Modules it is possible to detect the energy consumption for an individual machine. This data can be then evaluated in a central location and form the basis for intelligent building control. Another essential aspect of building automation is temperature regulation. With the help of sensors and the networking of building technology such as the heating system, air conditioning and window jalousies, the potential for efficient operation is enormous. AS-Interface gateways represent here the foundation. Another form of the AS-i gateway also integrates safety control.

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