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[new] New functions in SafeDESIGNER 3.1

New functions in SafeDESIGNER 3.1

Numeric range of functions expanded

The latest version of B&R’s SafeDESIGNER tool now makes it possible to process and compare safe INT and DINT signals in addition to linking them mathematically using basic arithmetic operations. Safety-oriented function blocks are also available for converting INT and DINT values in either direction. This expansion now rounds off the full range of numeric functions for the Automation Studio 4 development and configuration tool.

New requirements

Safety applications increasingly require numeric functions to manage values for pressure, temperature and speed. Since its introduction in 2008, SafeDESIGNER has provided support for safe INT data types and associated arithmetic operations and comparison functions. This range of functions has been continuously expanded ever since.

Monitoring synchronous operation

Users of Smart Safe Reaction technology from B&R can now process safety-related speed and position values and use them to initiate safe machine states. These functions are perfect for cases where requirements go above and beyond the possibilities provided by prepackaged SafeMOTION functions. Possible scenarios include integrating additional safe rotary encoders in a safety application or monitoring several power transmission systems for synchronism. In process control applications, SafeDESIGNER has become a widely used tool perfectly suited for the safe processing of pressure, temperature and flow signals.
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