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Keysight Technologies Begins Operations

Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies, Inc. has announced the electronic measurement business of Agilent Technologies has begun operating under the Keysight name. It will remain a wholly owned subsidiary of Agilent Technologies until early November when the separation is expected to be completed and Keysight begins trading on the NYSE under the symbol KEYS.

Keysight is a market leader holding the number one position in its industry segments of communications; aerospace and defense; and industrial, computers, and semiconductors. Keysight’s separation from Agilent was announced in September 2013.

“As we launch our new company, we are mindful of our rich heritage as part of Agilent and prior to that, Hewlett-Packard,” said Ron Nersesian, Keysight president and CEO. “We are also mindful of our responsibility and commitment to our stakeholders including customers, our shareholders and our employees. We look forward to the many opportunities ahead that will allow us to focus solely on electronic measurement and showcase the leading-edge technologies that our customers have come to expect.”


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