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AS-Interface Master News (03/2014)

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Safe compact controller with integrated fieldbus interface

The safe compact controller with integrated fieldbus interface from Bihl+Wiedemann is asafety component which thanks to its low cost is especially suited for small and medium-sized systems.


Fig. 1: Safe compact controller with integrated fieldbus interface and expansion modules



Optimal PLC interface via fieldbus


All diagnostic data in the controller
Safety and standard signals


Stand-alone: 12 terminals on the integrated safety monitor freely configurable, e.g.:
as 6 safe outputs plus 3 safe two-channel inputs
as 6 safe two-channel inputs
as standard I/Os,
as any combination of thereof
Low installation costs for additional modules
Expandable up to 62 safe or 496 standard I/Os (or as any combination of thereof)
Up to 62 safety modules per device
Compatible with safety sensors from many suppliers via AS-i
For use in compact or widely distributed systems
AS-i Power 24V-capable for use in compact systems: no additional AS-i power supply needed
Enhanced diagnostics capability, such as duplicate address recognition, integrated earth fault and EMC monitor
Fig. 2: Safe compact controller with integrated fieldbus interface for PROFINET



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