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Gastech 2014 Deemed Most Successful Ever [icnweb]

Gastech 2014 ended 27. March, bringing to a close what is seen as the most successful staging of the world’s leading conference and exhibition on natural gas and LNG in its 42-year history.

During the four days of Gastech 2014, more than 2,000 executive conference delegates from 60 countries, including 250 VIPs, attended. More than 200 speakers gave presentations at Gastech 2014. The event attracted more than 15,000 visitors, establishing a new record for the event since its establishment in 1972.

Gastech 2014 was held at the Kintex conference and exhibition center in Ilsan. A total of 415 companies from 45 countries had display booths at the venue, with the 35,000 square meters of the exhibition area completely sold out, making it the largest exhibition ever in the global gas sector. A total of 39 corporate sponsors supported Gastech 2014, led by Kogas as the host sponsor.

“Gastech 2014 was the most successful Gastech ever,” said Matthew Meredith, executive vice present of Gastech. “The overwhelming response to the event highlights that Korea is now at the center of the global gas industry as both a LNG consumer and a supplier of key technology, such as LNG carriers. The growing importance of Asia in the gas sector was reflected in the fact that there was a 25 percent increase in Asian exhibitors at Gastech 2014. The success of Gastech 2014 could not have been achieved without the enthusiastic support of Kogas.”

Jang Seok-hyo, CEO and President of KOGAS, said: “I am pleased that Gastech 2014 was such a great success. It was significant that Korea hosted the first Gastech in Northeast Asia. It reflected our commitment to serve the international gas community. We saw Gastech 2014 as an opportunity to share our experience and promote the benefits all of us reap through gas. We are proud of hosting this important event since it confirmed that Korea is now playing a central role in the global gas industry.”

The next Gastech will be held in Singapore from 27 October to 30 October, 2015 in association with Singapore International Energy Week at the Singapore EXPO.

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