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B&R at interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf [icnweb]

Taking packaging to a whole new level

B&R continues to push packaging machine performance to its physical limits. With reACTION technology, B&R has reduced the response times for industrial automation down to 1 µs. This makes it possible to process extremely time-critical sub-processes in accordance with IEC 61131 requirements using standard hardware. The newest B&R solutions for the packaging industry will be on display on May 8-14 at interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf (Hall A6 / Booth E62).

B&R’s innovative automation technologies are opening up entirely new levels of machine and line performance – not to mention increased flexibility and availability. B&R products make it easy to seamlessly integrate a wide range of advanced automation technology into packaging machines, including web services, advanced motion control and robotics, safety, vision systems and IT connectivity. The performance of high-speed machine functions such as product labelling or the rejection of sub-par products has also gained an enormous boost – without added costs – through the use of B&R reACTION and NetTime technologies.

Ultimate flexibility

Packaging lines demand extreme levels of productivity and flexibility across the board – from the primary and secondary solutions straight through to the end-of-line equipment. This can be achieved through a modular design with control and drive components installed directly on the machine’s frame – or even on rotating parts. B&R offers IP65-rated ACOPOSremote and ACOPOSmotor servo drives as well as the X67 series of machine-mountable I/O modules.

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