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Suttle Unveils Comprehensive Fiber Connectivity Solutions

Suttle, a wholly owned subsidiary of Communications Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JCS), announces FutureLink™ Fiber Connectivity for the delivery of reliable, future-proofed network solutions to service providers. FutureLink™ Fiber Connectivity supports increased bandwidth, as well as improved speed and capabilities for fast and seamless triple-play service.

“Suttle’s extensive industry and technology expertise give us the edge in developing unique product platforms for all areas of fiber deployment,” explained George Wakileh, Suttle Global Vice-President of Technology and Business Development.

Reaching from the central office all the way into the premise, these new fiber connectivity products solve challenges at every point in the network. They are designed to accommodate indoor and outdoor environments, as well as multi-dwelling and single-family units. Developed to fit service provider’s needs, the products cover a wide variety of applications, including interconnection, slack storage, patch, splice, split and a combination of those.

While these fiber solutions are flexible in their application, they also incorporate a variety of features to enhance the overall product quality and future-proofing capabilities. Although designed for space savings in MDU applications, they also offer slack storage in the home when needed. Available in a variety of sizes, these products can be expanded depending on the specific needs of the network. Secure, flexible interconnecting points result in reliable, high-speed performance for superior triple-play service.

“What sets Suttle’s fiber connectivity solutions apart is the proactive innovation we offer in answering our customers’ network challenges,” says Suttle Vice-President and General Manager, Bruce Blackwood. “Through collaborative partnerships, we are able to develop specialized fiber solutions for our customers.”

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With the upcoming line of FutureLink™ Fiber Terminals and Enclosures, Suttle reveals customized solutions that create a reliable fiber connection from the outside plant all the way into the premise at a lower total cost of ownership. Whether it is an SFU or MDU, Greenfield or Brownfield deployment, Suttle combines expertise with customer collaboration to find a successful fiber solution.

To learn more about Suttle, visit our website at www.suttleonline.com. For a hands-on demonstration of FutureLink™ network connectivity solutions including the upcoming product family of FutureLink™ Fiber Terminals and Enclosures, visit our booth at FTTH Conference and Expo, Sept. 30-Oct. 3, booth #517 and at OSP Expo, Oct. 9-10, booth #1031.

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