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Enerati Introduces Low Cost Energy Monitoring Solutions for Small Business [icnweb]

Large companies are realizing efficiency and productivity gains through the use of real time energy monitoring systems. Unfortunately, commercial scale monitoring systems are complicated and very expensive to implement, and therefore not justifiable for smaller businesses. Now Enerati offers commercial level monitoring solutions for small businesses by combining low cost wireless sensors with a commercial cloud based energy management platform.


“Examples of successful results from implementation of energy monitoring systems abound, but until now they were only available to large corporations. Enerati finally gives smaller businesses and locations the same capabilities for a much lower cost.” says Robin Pearl, CEO of Enerati.

Enerati uses easy to deploy wireless sensors that give users real time feedback on how well their operations are performing. The solution gives small companies the ability to monitor electricity, gas and water usage in one minute intervals. In addition the service can track multiple locations concurrently. Enerati notification program alerts users automatically if certain events occur in real time and therefore allow users to react quickly, whether a freezer is not working properly in a small pizza restaurant or a pump is being overloaded at a local factory.

View an overview Video of the Enerati Dashboard

Low cost wireless sensors are manufactured by Current Cost, one of the largest suppliers of energy monitoring systems worldwide. The sensors wirelessly send real time updates to an internet connected gateway that automatically upload live data to the Enerati cloud. Installation usually takes less than one hour. Standard monitoring kits retail for $189 and are capable of monitoring the energy usage for one whole building. The standard kit can be expanded with 9 additional wireless sensors that can measure single outlets, other hardwired panels, solar installations, generators, water and gas meters.

Enerati offers three online subscription plans. The LITE plan is free and can be used single locations with only one sensor, The BASIC plan is $3 per month per location and shows up to 10 sensors with full analysis, reporting and alerts. The PROFESSIONAL plan is only $5 per month and is perfect for organizations with multiple locations.

Low cost monitoring hardware coupled with inexpensive subscription based online management solutions now give smaller companies the same edge that larger companies are already enjoying.Enerati can be used in any type of industry from fast food to banking to small commercial, educational and government facilities. Gain a competitive advantage by reducing operating costs and increasing performance.

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About Enerati
Enerati, Inc. founded in 2011 is a Florida, US based company that specializes in bringing cost effective energy efficiency technologies to market. Enerati’s online portal helps home owners and small businesses become more efficient though the use of energy monitoring technologies.

About PowerSave, Inc.
PowerSave Inc. founded in 2010 is a Florida; US based Company that is the master distributor for the North American market for Current Cost, Ltd. products. With over 2 million active customers, Current Cost is the world’s leading supplier of energy monitoring solutions.

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