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Wireless system InduraNET p now with IP67 wireless module by Pilz

A remote IP67 module is now available for the wireless system InduraNET p (Industrial Radio Network) from Pilz. The remote module for the wireless system has been specially developed for use under difficult industrial conditions and can withstand water, dirt and heavy vibration. As a result, reliable wireless data transmission is now available on mobile plant and machine sections.

PSSuniversal wireless modules
Pilz PSSuniversal wireless modules

Thanks to its special shake-proof, vibration-proof design, the remote module can be installed directly on mobile machine parts, enabling efficient wireless communication, even under a heavy industrial load. As a result it can also be used outside the control cabinet, saving space inside the control cabinet.

Four special, compact antennas enable efficient wireless communication despite strong reflections and constantly changing conditions for spreading the radio waves. The result is a stable wireless connection that guarantees high availability and reduces downtimes.

InduraNET p uses the “Listen before Talk” mechanism to detect other wireless systems – such as WLAN – and does not affect them adversely.

The industrial wireless system InduraNET p consists of a base station and a remote station; communication is possible in both directions. A base station can communicate with up to four remote stations; a maximum of ten InduraNET p networks can co-operate within one environment without problem.

InduraNET p is used in conjunction with the decentralised I/O system PSSuniversal, which can be used to process all common control signals decentrally at field level. PSSuniversal can be connected to all familiar standard bus systems as well as SafetyBUS p.

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Photo (from left to right): Sven Staiger, Index-Werke, Esslingen, Nika Nowizki, Institut für Maschinenelemente (IMA), University Stuttgart, Dr. Alexander Broos, Head of Research and Technology, Source: Rainer Jensen

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