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The AS-i Safety OEM Slaves with 2 Standard Outputs

Connect your standard safety switches simply to AS-i Safety

With the amazingly simple >>AS-Interface Safety at Work<< concept you can send safety data over the same cable as standard data. Would you like to profit from this system but still continue to use your own standard safety switches (e.g. E-STOP switches, key switches, enabling buttons)? The Safety OEM Slaves from Bihl+Wiedemann enable you to make your standard safety switches AS-i capable and integrate them easily into AS-i Safety at Work.

AS-i Safety
Fig. 1: AS-i Safety OEM Slave with 2 standard outputs and contact pins (BW2521)


The AS-i Safety OEM Slaves in detail:

  • Dimensions (L / W / H in mm): 43 / 30 / 10
  • Connection of 2 safe switching contacts
  • Support applications up to Category 4 / SIL 3
  • 2 standard outputs with LEDs
  • Modules fully powered out of AS-i
  • Length per connecting wire: 90 mm
  • Especially simple to install in your safety switch having a standard contact set using the contact pins of the Safety OEM Slave (BW2521)
  • Also available without contact pins (BW2426)

 You can find all information on our products on our homepage.

Fig. 2: AS-i Safety OEM Slave mit with 2 standard outputs (BW2426)

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