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PROFIenergy comes free with module

The Anybus-CompactCom Profinet module will soon support the green automation initiative of the automotive industry.

Anybus-CompactCom Profinet module
PROFIenergy profile extension for the CompactCom Profinet module

HMS( expands the functionality of the CompactCom 2-port Profinet IO module by adding support for the PROFIenergy profile. The built-in PROFIenergy profile server supports the PNO profile defined parameters and services for controlling the energy consumption of automation devices including the PROFIenergy state machine.

By choosing to implement Anybus-CompactCom Profinet with support for the new PROFIenergy CompactCom module, customers will automatically get access to all major industrial networks, since the module is part of the CompactCom family of interchangeable modules. The PROFIenergy profile is also available to the many device manufacturers who have already integrated support for Anybus-CompactCom into their devices. To support the PROFIenergy profile, these existing CompactCom customers only need to make a minor software change to the application in the host device.

The PROFIenergy implementation follows the requirements of the AIDA (Automation Initiative of German Automomobilhersteller) merged firms Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and VW. The PROFIenergy functions are implemented with software version 1.20 and are available from February 2011.

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