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PHOENIX CONTACT release RJ45 Plug Connectors for PROFINET

:- Quick Connection Technology for Profinet

RJ45 Plug Connectors
PHOENIX CONTACT's RJ45 Plug Connectors for Profinet

The new RJ 45 plug connectors with Quickon fast connection technology for Profinet from Phoenix Contact www.phoenixcontact.com allow four AWG22 wires to be quickly and reliably connected. The PNO Guideline specifies AWG22 wires to configure Profinet topologies.

Assembly using the insulation displacement technique requires no tools. The wires are simply inserted into the flap, cut off, and then contacted by pressing down the flap.

The new generation of plug connectors is already pre-assembled; this means that local assembly is no longer required and there are no small parts to get lost.

Assembly is therefore easy to do on site – even under difficult conditions.


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