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Micrel Slashes 5 Port Switch-On-a-Chip Power Consumption In Half

Micrel Inc. has launched the KSZ8895/8875/8864 series 5 port Switch-On-a-Chip with good power. The devices are low-power, highly integrated, 4/5-port Layer-2 switch-on-a-chip ICs. Leveraging Micrel’s latest green physical transceiver and switch technology, the product family achieves a 50 percent reduction in power consumption compared to the previous generation. Meeting the increasing demands for Ethernet connectivity in consumer and industrial applications, the family features advanced power management and sophisticated Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities. Pricing and samples are available upon inquiry with volume production starting in Q1, 2011.

“The continuing adoption of Ethernet in the digital home for both content delivery and interconnection of media devices is driving the demand for higher port count devices,”noted Wiren Perera, Micrel’s director of Ethernet Products.

“Micrel’s new switch family directly addresses these needs coupled with energy efficiency enabling compliance to important green standards such as ENERGY STAR. The flexible configurability of the family allows the requirements of a variety of applications to be satisfied based on a single foundation system platform.

Sophisticated QoS features such as tag and port-based VLAN support and IPv6 priority classification make these devices ideal for today’s most demanding IP content based applications in the digital home; IPTV, IP-STB (set top box), VoIP (voice over IP), residential gateways and GPON. The low emissions and Micrel’s signature high reliability and quality also make these devices suitable for connectivity applications in the fast growing industrial automation and automotive markets.

Product brief. micrel_ksz8895_pb


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