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Gateway meets AIDA requirements

Turck presents special BL67 fieldbus gateways for automotive engineering

Turck1310 PROFINET gateway
Turck Gateway meets AIDA requirements

Turck developed new Profinet fieldbus gateways for its I/O-system BL67, in accordance to the guidelines of AIDA (Automation initiative of German automobile manufacturers), that are mainly intended for the use in the automobile bodyshell work. While the type BL67-GW-PN-AC is designed for AIDA-RJ45-copper-connecters, the type BL67-GW-PN-AF is suitable for the use with AIDA-SCRJ-optical fibers.

The AIDA gateways can be expanded with the already existing BL67 I/O modules or with a directly connectable valve cluster to an integrated solution. This option was developed target-oriented in cooperation with the pneumatic manufacturer Parker Hannifin for use in the automobile industry. This coordinated concept increases the availability of the equipment and reduces the service- and start-up efforts for the user.

The automobile manufacturers Audi, BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen, that are all members of AIDA, support Profinet as the future network standard for the automation of their industrial facilities. Next to the standardized connectors, AIDA demands a fast start-up of the fieldbus stations (under 500 ms), the automatic recognition of the topology within the network and software support through the Tool Calling Interface (TCI), among other things. All these guidelines are met by the gateways from Turck.

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