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COGNEX announce IMAGE-based barcode reader designed

Cognex Corporation www.cognex.com has announced the revolutionary new DataMan® 500 image-based barcode reader. DataMan 500 is designed to achieve higher read rates, offer improved on-line visualization and have higher reliability than laser scanners currently in use in the logistics, postal and retail distribution markets.

DataMan® 500
COGNEX announce a new DataMan® 500 image-based barcode reader

Using Cognex IDMax® superior code reading software, DataMan 500 achieves higher read rates by reading the 1D barcodes that laser readers cannot read, including damaged, distorted, blurred, scratched, low height and low contrast codes. DataMan 500 processes images at up to 1,000 frames per second and can read codes in any orientation, 2D codes such as Data Matrix and QR, and multiple codes in the same image.

DataMan 500 is easier to use than a laser scanner and allows users to see what the reader sees, either live on a monitor, or by using image archiving for later review. DataMan 500 has no moving parts and is designed to be more reliable than laser scanners.

“Nothing like this has ever been seen before in an image-based barcode reader”, said Carl Gerst, Business Unit Manager for ID Products. “Our proprietary imaging and software technology allowed us to create a product that can outperform laser scanners, is easy to use and we believe will transform the market for barcode reading.”

DataMan 500 offers a wide range of additional benefits including auto-trigger, auto-focus and “no read” feedback. The base unit will support both standard C-Mount lenses as well as variable focus options. The auto-focus is achieved using liquid lens technology, which provides maximum operating range flexibility for even the highest speed applications. This proven new technology, already integrated into Cognex industrial readers, is fast and reliable and offers good optical quality with low power consumption.

To simplify the installation, DataMan 500 combines Ethernet communication and power delivery in a single cable using Power over Ethernet (PoE). DataMan 500 also supports RS-232 and multiple I/O points for integration into legacy systems.


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