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Chinese Wind Farm Gains Reliability with Redundant Fiber Backbone

Project Introduction

Dongfang Steam Turbine Works (DSTW), a Chinese manufacturer of steam turbines, was working on a wind farm project involving 66 1.5 MV wind turbines in Heilongjiang, China. DSTW needed to establish a SCADA system that helps the staff remotely monitor on-site equipment and operations while recording data about ongoing operations for real-time analysis. Due to the harsh weather conditions in Northeast China, the networking devices must be extremely rugged to operate reliably. DSTW found that Moxa’s IKS-6726 rackmount managed industrial Ethernet switches and EDS-408A industrial Ethernet switches were a perfect fit for their specific network infrastructure requirements.

MOXA, Wind, Power
MOXA Industrial ethernet switches for WIND power

System Requirements
• Wide operating temperature to adapt to harsh weather in Northeast China
• Network redundancy with fast recovery capability for system reliability
• At least three fiber optic ports for uplink and long distance outbound transmissions
• Network management software for easy system monitoring

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Moxa’s Solution
One EDS-208A-M-SC industrial Ethernet switch is installed atop each wind turbine to connect to the equipment inside the turbine. This switch at the top connects to an EDS-408A-2S1M-ST-T switch at the bottom of the turbine via a fiber optic port.
The EDS-408A-2S1M-ST-T switch comes with three fiber optic ports; one fiber port is the uplink connection to the EDS-208A-M-SC and the other two connect to adjacent wind turbines.
Due to extremely high security and availability requirements, DSTW deployed a ring topology in the wind farm network to provide fast redundancy in case of network failure. The control center employs IKS-6726 rackmount managed industrial Ethernet switches to connect field switches with the SCADA system and network management servers. Moxa’s MXview network management software was also installed to help operators easily monitor network status by automatically discovering the network topology and displaying real-time alarm information.

Why Moxa?
• The EDS-408A provides three fiber optic ports for long distance data transmission with an ST connector ideal for vibration-heavy wind farms.
• The wide -40 to 75°C temperature range of theEDS-208A-M-SC, EDS-408A-2S1M-ST-T, and IKS-6726 allows for reliable operations under extreme temperature conditions
• The EDS-408A-2S1M-ST-T and the IKS-6726 support redundant Turbo Ring topology with recovery time less than 20 ms to increase system reliability and network availability
MXview network management software is capable of discovering topology automatically

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