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Bihl+Wiedemann connects AS-i Safety at Work and openSAFETY

Bihl+Wiedemann, one of the leading companies in the development and implementation of electronic automation components and safety solutions with an AS-interface, will launch a safe gateway for AS-i Safety at Work systems and openSAFETY.

Bihl+Wiedemann, EPSG, POWERLINK
Bihl+Wiedemann becomes a member of the EPSG

Also, Bihl+Wiedemann becomes a member of the EPSG. The gateway enables both non-safe diagnosis data and safety-related process data to be exchanged between AS-interface installations and openSAFETY. On the AS-i side, the gateway provides an AS-i Master with an integrated safety monitor.

Due to its simple installation and low costs, AS-interface technology is widely used. More than a hundred companies provide more than a thousand different products. With AS-i Safety at Work, safety-oriented sensors and actuators in openSAFETY applications can also benefit from the advantages of AS-i.

For openSAFETY, the gateway constitutes a safe I/O node with a variable number of safe input and output signals. The number of signals is determined by the AS-i configuration. On the occasion of this development, Bihl+Wiedemann has decided to join the EPSG.

“The combination of AS-interface – the tried-and-proven, simple, and inexpensive installation system for the lowest field level – and openSAFETY is very attractive to us”, said Jochen Bihl, CEO of Bihl+Wiedemann. “Since AS-i Safety complements every open safe fieldbus technology, joining the EPSG was the logical conclusion.”


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